Solving 3 Common Hiring Challenges With Data

Author Nico Roberts Date Feb 16 2021

Hiring software is one of the most important investments organizations make to support and empower their talent acquisition teams. To track performance and ROI, access to the right data is key. It can tell the story of the candidate journey and their behavior through the entire hiring funnel–what’s working well, where there’s opportunity for improvement, and to help plan for what’s next. But what else can you do with all this information? Below, we share common hiring challenges and how to leverage data to solve them.

User activity

The success of implementing new hiring technology or digital processes is dependent on user adoption. It can also be difficult to keep track of what recruiting teams are up to, especially if they are completely decentralized. Metrics like status changes, update history, and workflow edits can help managers gain an understanding of where training or process reminders might be necessary.

Workflow congestion

Workflow configurations are one of the first things that are set up during implementation, and can be the hardest to change depending on the hiring software. If candidates are getting stuck in a particular stage or stages, it might make sense to take a closer look. Are applications too long, or not mobile-friendly? Background checks taking forever? Fountain’s drag and drop workflows provide the flexibility to make changes in workflows by opening to relieve congestion and increase the velocity of candidates moving through the recruiting stages.

Candidate rejection

Does your candidate rejection rate seem higher than usual? There are a few possibilities. If there are confusing or specific questions in the job application, you could be missing out on quality, qualified candidates. If your job advertisements are inaccurate or on the wrong job boards, they could be attracting the wrong talent. Checking duplicate management settings might also expose issues that might be labeling applicants as duplicates by mistake.

Have you experienced any of these common hiring challenges? Were you able to solve them with analytics, or did you take a different approach? If your current applicant system doesn’t provide access to this information, or expects you to pay extra for access to your own data, Fountain’s new self-serve reporting and analytics tool offers multiple dashboards, reports, and visualizations. Users can drill into topline numbers, customize filters, export, send, and schedule the distribution of pre-built reports to analyze candidate behavior and identify trends based on brand, location, stage, and more. To see Fountain’s new analytics tool in action, click here.


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