New Enhancements to the Fountain Platform

Author Sean Behr Date Oct 20 2020

Fountain’s newest software release delivers new features and platform enhancements to help the world get back to work. In the continuous effort to connect great employers with the best candidates, we’ve built the features and benefits necessary to accommodate high-volume hiring at scale.

Finding and retaining top talent is critical. Today, TA practitioners either have a talent shortage or more applications than they can process, and this release addresses both. Below, we cover our newest features that together provide a personalized, engaging candidate experience, streamline recruiting operations, and drive conversion.

Fountain’s new universal applicant view gives CHROs and talent acquisition teams a holistic view of all applicants across all job openings at a glance. New geolocation enhancements show relevant jobs to candidates based on their location. Fountain’s new advanced resume parsing saves talent acquisition teams countless hours reviewing and comparing applications, reducing time to hire and time to fill. The addition of live and on-demand video interviews has proven to be more impactful than ever, allowing hiring managers to connect with the applicant in real-time. Since its launch, Fountain has captured over 1.5 million video prompts from people who are applying for jobs.

Career sites put the candidate experience at the center of its architecture by helping companies upgrade their application process through rich visuals and content that are an extension of their employer brand. It provides a seamless application experience for the candidate, and automatically posts new jobs or removes inactive ones as they are updated within the Fountain core platform.

Fountain’s recruiting chatbot sits on a company’s career site or job directory, engaging online visitors and converting them to interested candidates. By enabling chat, brands can boost conversion by engaging with interested candidates before, during, and after the application process.

If you’re new to Fountain or want to learn more about our high-volume hiring platform and recruitment marketing capabilities, please contact us, check out our release webinar, or visit our virtual booth at the upcoming HR tech event.


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Sean Behr is the CEO at Fountain and has served in leadership roles at STRATIM (acquired by KAR), (acquired by AOL), and (acquired by Ebay). Behr also advises, mentors, and invests in entrepreneurs and early-stage companies.