How Glassdoor Reviews Impact Your High Volume Hiring

Author Mike Marschke Date Sep 15 2021

It’s probably no surprise that Glassdoor, a website where current and previous employees can review the companies they work(ed) for, can be a major influence on applicants who are searching for jobs. While some employers believe that Glassdoor is just a site for angry employees to air their grievances, according to the company most of the reviews on their site are actually positive! Whatever your HR team’s ethos is when it comes to Glassdoor, it’s important to take a closer look at how these sorts of review sites can positively impact your Talent Acquisition strategy.

Engage with Reviews

You can’t control what current and past employees say about your company on Glassdoor, but you can keep an eye on your Glassdoor presence as a part of your employer branding strategy. According to a Glassdoor member survey, 94% are more likely to apply for a position if the company purposefully manages their employer branding, which includes responding to reviews.

Be sure to read all the reviews about your company and use Glassdoor’s response functionality to reply to disgruntled employees. Respond with thoughtful and empathetic messages that not only show you understand the review but also indicate to future employees that your company truly cares.

Provide Honest Feedback

While your organization may conduct anonymous employee sentiment surveys, Glassdoor reviews may paint a different picture than survey results. According to SHRM, many workers do not believe employee pulse surveys are actually anonymous, so employees may be more likely to sugarcoat their responses, rendering the results useless.

The anonymous nature of Glassdoor allows current employees to share their feelings openly and without repercussions. Pairing Glassdoor reviews with the results of an internal employee survey can give your HR team a broader view of how your employees are really feeling.

Look for Opportunities for Improvement

When dealing with a high volume of employees, negative Glassdoor reviews are inevitable. Take time to review negative feedback and try to identify trends. Are employees unimpressed with your healthcare offering? Are workers unhappy with the inflexibility of their schedules? Whatever the case may be, take note of why employees are dissatisfied and start making changes! Negative feedback can be tough to hear but it allows companies to understand their workers better and improve the employee experience, which can help with retention down the line.

Taking time to sit down and look at your Glassdoor reviews is an important step to refining your employer brand and ultimately improving your employee experience.


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