Hiring challenges in the manufacturing industry: How a high volume ATS can help

Author Sean Behr Date Sep 29 2023

The manufacturing industry is a rapidly changing and highly competitive field. According to Statista, the industry will continue to grow at a 3.05% compounded annual growth rate in the coming years. 

With the increase in demand and the need for efficient production, manufacturing companies are looking to grow their businesses. This growth has put a significant strain on manufacturing companies when it comes to finding and retaining quality employees, with an estimated 600,000 unfilled positions as of June 2023.

There are several challenges that come with hiring in the manufacturing industry, including the following:

High turnover rates

One of the biggest challenges in the manufacturing industry is high turnover rates. According to Awardco, turnover in 2022 was 39%. As a result, manufacturing recruiting teams struggle to maintain a consistent and reliable workforce.

Time-consuming hiring process

Another challenge is a time-consuming and often inefficient hiring process. With large amounts of applications and outdated hiring systems, it can be difficult for recruiting teams to efficiently screen candidates and quickly identify the best fit for their company.

Increased competition

Manufacturing companies face stiff competition when it comes to hiring. Many job seekers tend to accept the first job offer they receive. This makes it challenging for companies to attract and retain quality employees if they are not quick to extend an offer.

How an ATS built for high volume hiring can help

To address these challenges, many manufacturing companies are turning to high volume hiring platforms like Fountain. These platforms offer several benefits for the industry, such as:

Streamlined hiring processes

With an ATS built for high volume hiring, manufacturing companies can streamline the hiring process and quickly identify the best candidates for the job. Fountain, for example, automatically screens applications, schedules interviews, and provides real-time feedback to candidates, saving time and resources. Mobile-first technology also allows applicants to do everything from their phone—from application to onboarding—simplifying the hiring process and getting candidates to work faster.

Increased applicant pools

High-volume ATSes also help to increase the applicant pool by reaching a wider audience of potential candidates. Fountain posts job openings on popular job boards and social media platforms so manufacturing companies can attract a larger pool of applicants.

Seamless integrations

Fountain offers a variety of integrations to help streamline the hiring process. These integrations include popular job boards like Indeed and ZipRecruiter, as well as background check providers like Checkr and Sterling. By integrating with these services, manufacturing companies can efficiently manage the hiring process from start to finish, all within the Fountain platform.

Final thoughts

The challenges of hiring in the manufacturing industry are significant, but a high volume ATS like Fountain helps address these challenges. By streamlining the process, increasing the applicant pool, and integrating with your current tech stack, high volume hiring platforms can help manufacturing companies thrive in an increasingly competitive industry.

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