High-volume Hiring: 5 Ways to Add Diversity Into Your Search Process

Author Mike Marschke Date Nov 25 2020

In a recent webinar on how to eliminate bias in your hiring process, diversity and inclusion expert Joelle Allen talks about the pre-work high-volume hiring managers and recruiters must do in order to eliminate bias. The pre-work process begins with defining the need and the search process before you begin to source candidates.

  1. Use data to determine where you are and where you need to be. Oftentimes we don’t know or don’t delve deep enough into the data to really understand how diverse our existing workforce really is. Sometimes we believe we’re further along than we are. Usually your organization will not reflect what you think is true. But doing the deep dive into the data will tell you where your opportunities are plus, it’s good to have a baseline as you put new efforts in place.
  2. Create a search process objective. Not just for the search itself, but for the overall diversity search process. By looking at your data, it will inform you of what you need to do first. Start by first acknowledging the gaps and call out disparities. There are different elements of diversity, not just identity based, but also institutional dimensions such as hierarchy. Decide how you will measure your success at each stage of the process and develop a timeline by which you will achieve each of those stages.
  3. Create and update your job descriptions. There is no need to relax your current standards, however, take a hard look at your current job descriptions, when was the last time you updated them? Are there unnecessary skills listed?  There are tools you can use to help you eliminate bias in the job description such as Textio, tapRecruit, and Gender Decoder, so that you are not eliminating certain audiences just by the way you describe them.

    Also, think about the skills required for the job and what can be learned on the job or is a nice to have. Take those items out of the job description.

  4. Create three to five candidate personas for each job role. The candidate persona lets you create criteria for what the roles and experiences you’re looking for in an ideal candidate. It also allows you to create deal breakers (objections) along with key skills and interests that are diverse. Be sure to also include different cultures characteristics and mix it up within each of those personas. How can those differences be leveraged as assets to honor who they are and what they can bring to the organization?
  5. Create your sourcing strategy and tactics. Determine who you are going to reach, where will you find them and how will you reach them. Use your candidate personas to help you determine where you can find those candidates. Leverage diverse schools or professional organizations to broaden your search. 

For more from Joelle, tune in to watch the full webinar on demand, here. Or view our infographic on tips for hiring a more diverse workforce.


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