Fountain Raises $85M Series C

Author Sean Behr Date Nov 01 2021

Here at Fountain, we’ve raised $85 million in Series C financing to help companies around the world hire hourly workers.

With this round of funding and new investors SoftBank and B Capital, we’re planning to expand our focus on making high-volume hiring easier and faster for companies around the world.

In a climate where many companies are struggling to hire hourly workers, a high volume hiring software helps businesses simplify, optimize, and automate as much of the candidate journey as possible. With the right technology, partners, and focus, we can confidently say that our customers are winning (and will continue to lead) the talent race.

As high volume hiring starts to rebound, we at Fountain are capitalizing on speed: Our time to hire averages around 8.7 days, compared with the industry average of 36 days.

We’re incredibly thankful to our current investors as we embark on this exciting new phase of growth. We’d also like to thank our existing customers—without you, this next step wouldn’t be possible. And finally, we’re grateful to our team here at Fountain who works tirelessly each day to make this vision a reality.

This is just the beginning of high volume hiring!


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About the Author

Chief Executive Officer

Sean Behr

Sean Behr is the CEO at Fountain and has served in leadership roles at STRATIM (acquired by KAR), (acquired by AOL), and (acquired by Ebay). Behr also advises, mentors, and invests in entrepreneurs and early-stage companies.