Engage applicants globally with Fountain’s WhatsApp integration

Author Josh Harrisking Date Sep 13 2022

Drive better conversations and boost conversion on the world’s largest messaging platform

With over 214 million people unemployed across the globe, our mission here at Fountain is more critical than ever. To help bridge that gap, we’re working to better support the tools people around the world already use daily.

Business messaging is global

With more than 2 billion active users and the top-used messaging app in over 60 countries, WhatsApp is a favorite among both consumers and businesses.

Applicants’ expectations are rapidly transforming, and they now demand personalized experiences. Gone are the days of submitting an online application and seeing, “Thank you for applying.” This new age of finding hourly opportunities is reliable, fast, and in real-time. With Whatsapp as the most widely used messaging platform in the world, integrating with this app is key to helping our customers not only reach more candidates as they expand into new regions but also simplify communication between recruiters and applicants, therefore decreasing time-to-hire.

Express yourself: Capture applicant engagement from day one

People long for authentic connections with others. We see this in our day-to-day communication with friends and family, but we’re also seeing a fundamental shift in how people want to communicate with businesses.

These conversations take many shapes and forms, but one thing is clear: They’re expressive and visual. Whatever communication style you prefer, our new WhatsApp integration makes it easy to connect with applicants in an authentic, genuine way.

Express yourself

Picture perfect: Leverage media messages to enhance the candidate experience 

At Fountain, our customers deal with a high volume of applicants and messages. We wanted to ensure that when recruiters need to add a new image or document to an applicant’s profile, it’s a simple process. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we’d like to make one tiny update to this statement: A picture is worth a thousand words if you can connect it to applicant data.

With the introduction of media messages, recruiters can unlock a wide range of use cases. If you’re an applicant stuck in the hiring process, you can snap a pic of your screen and send it to a recruiter who can instantly troubleshoot. Missing a document? With media messages, it’s a breeze to upload it and send it straight from your device.

Picture perfect

It just works: WhatsApp supports your recruiting and hiring funnel

What does it mean for your hiring funnel when you add WhatsApp into the mix? Good news: Once you set up WhatsApp, you won’t have to do anything different.

Want to create one Opening using SMS only and another using WhatsApp? No problem. Want to mix the two in a single Opening? We got you. You can even send bulk messages to SMS and WhatsApp applicants at the same time. Whatever your recruiting and hiring funnel looks like, this WhatsApp integration can be tailored uniquely to your workflows.

It just works

Little big details: Everything you need to launch WhatsApp through Fountain

Here are all the added benefits of launching WhatsApp in the Fountain platform.

Default templates

Simple plug-and-play options to quickly and simply launch automated messages.

Default templates

Better visibility

The WhatsApp integration fits perfectly into the Fountain platform so you can easily track which stage applicants are in and who needs a nudge or a message.

Better visibility

Reply directly in Messenger

Reply directly in Messenger

Improved Chat UI

Improved chat UI

Bulk import

Bulk import

Filter by platform

Filter by platform

What’s next

Interested in adding WhatsApp to boost your hiring strategy? You can request access directly here.

Stay tuned for more exciting features and product announcements that deliver high-quality engagement, make it easy to stay connected, and help you better understand your messaging strategy for your business.


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