5 Ways to Attract Working Parents to Hourly Jobs

Tomorrow, September 16, marks an annual holiday we hold near and dear to our hearts here at Fountain. That’s right— tomorrow is National Working Parents Day, a celebration of the many people who work to provide for their families. Parenting while holding a job can be a tricky balancing act for many which is why it’s imperative that hourly employers think critically about the types of benefits they offer to support working parents. 

Check out five ways you can attract working parents to hourly jobs.

Childcare Stipends 

One of the most stressful aspects of parenting a young child can be finding affordable and reliable childcare. There is no worse feeling than finding the perfect daycare only to learn that you can’t afford it or discovering that your nanny has to take a last-minute day off. These anxiety-producing situations can be mitigated with employer-sponsored childcare benefits. In fact, 67% of parents believe that employers should offset the cost of childcare!

Consider offering employees daycare vouchers to help subsidize the cost of their childcare needs. These vouchers should be provided in addition to employees’ regular compensation, rather than taking it out of their paychecks which can be seen as a penalty for being a parent. Like Amazon, you should also consider offering hourly workers emergency childcare for days when their normal child supervision plan has fallen through. 

Flexible Schedules

Flexible schedules are imperative to supporting and retaining working parents. Some parents may need to come in late one day to take their child to the doctor and another may need to leave early to go to their child’s piano recital. Some employees may need to switch shifts with one another to tend to all of their parental duties. Whatever the case may be, try to accommodate the busy schedules of working parents to create a positive company culture where being a parent is celebrated!

Offer Great Healthcare Plans

When it comes to attracting working parents, hourly employers need to prioritize offering great healthcare plans. Companies need to make sure that healthcare costs for plan dependents are not astronomical as working parents need a sustainable way to pay for their child’s care. Moreover, hourly employers should also consider offering health care to part-time employees, something Starbucks has become quite renowned for. Making healthcare more affordable and accessible at your organization will not only benefit working parents but also positively impact all of your employees!

Generous Paid Secondary Parental Leave

Only 40% of companies offer paid secondary parental leave, which means that including it in your benefits package can be a huge competitive advantage when attracting working parents. More than that, only 8% of workers in the lowest wage quartile tend to have access to this type of benefit. This means that those who would be most significantly impacted by missing a few paychecks are the ones least likely to receive the benefit. You can help even the playing field by offering this benefit to your hourly employees.

Return to Work Programs

Getting back to work after having a child is no easy feat! Hourly employers should consider offering return-to-work programs, like Amazon’s Ramp Back program, to help bring new parents back into the workforce. Return-to-work programs typically give new parents flexible and reduced work schedules to allow them to slowly ease back into the pace of full-time employment.

Attracting parents to hourly roles requires an empathetic audit of benefits packages. If you have not already, we hope you implement the above parent-friendly work benefits and of course have a happy National Working Parents Day!