3 Unique Ways to Improve your Truck Driver Benefits Package

Author Martin Oliva Date Apr 05 2022

As the ‘Great Resignation’ marches on, it’s more important than ever to think critically about your strategy for retaining truck drivers. With a deficit of about 80,000 truck drivers, it’s no secret that the logistics industry has been under immense pressure to get back on its feet.

This means it’s high time to think of unique benefits you can offer to retain your truck driver workforce, attract new workers to the profession, and encourage those who have left the industry to come back. Benefits like competitive compensation, robust healthcare packages, and tuition reimbursement for CDL licensure are table stakes when it comes to building truck driver benefits packages.

To really differentiate your company from the competition, you’ll need to implement unique benefits that truly tailor to the specific wants and needs of truck drivers.

Keep reading for three unique ways to improve your truck driver benefits package.

Fleet Amenities

A great way to improve truck drivers’ employee experience is by providing them with top-tier fleet amenities. What better way to upgrade your truck drivers’ work environment than by elevating the features of their cabins?

Here are a few amenities you should consider adding to your fleet to improve the benefits you offer your truck drivers.

  • Premium music and radio services. While schedules vary by company, some truck drivers work up to 70 hours a week—that’s a lot of time on the road! Consider upgrading your truck drivers’ employee experience by giving them access to premium music subscription services like Spotify and satellite radio like Sirius XM. With so many hours spent by themselves, your drivers need engaging entertainment while they get from point A to point B.
  • Refrigerators. There’s nothing worse than cracking open a room temperature soda, especially when you need a caffeine boost to finish up your driving shift! Think about outfitting your fleet with mini-fridges so your truck drivers can enjoy cold food and beverages while they’re out on the open road.
  • Comfortable seating. It’s imperative to provide truck drivers with a comfortable place to sit while they do their job! Make sure to invest in truck seats with proper back support so your drivers can ride without straining their bodies.
  • Workout equipment. As a truck driver, it can be incredibly difficult to maintain a consistent workout routine. Consider gifting your drivers with workout equipment they can use when they’re away from home. A set of weights, resistance bands, and even an ab roller can make a great addition to your drivers’ cabins.
  • Storage. A truck driver’s cabin is their home away from home. Be sure to give your drivers adequate space to store their personal belongings while they’re on the road.

Passenger Policy

One benefit that is baked right into the truck driver job description is travel! The average truck driver drives anywhere between 2,000 and 3,000 miles a week, which means they get to visit places all over the country! Consider implementing a passenger policy so your truck drivers can invite friends and family to travel with them as they make their journeys. Having a partner by their side can make an average day on the highway into a fun and engaging road trip for your driver (and their loved ones)!

Pet Policy

Similar to a passenger policy, a pet policy allows your truck drivers to bring their four-legged friends on the road. A cat, dog, or even a guinea pig can give your drivers some much-needed companionship on long drives. It can be lonely out there, but a pet by your driver’s side can make all the difference!

Employee retention is more important than ever before. Because of this, we hope these three unique ideas give you the inspiration you need to improve your truck driver benefits package.


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