Fountain Launches Mobile App to Empower Shift-Based Managers with Automation

New mobile application allows managers of shift-based workers to post to over 80+ job boards at once, coordinate hiring in a central location on the go

Fountain, a leading hiring automation software, announced today the launch of its new mobile application, now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.

The easy-to-use mobile application helps hiring managers communicate in real time with applicants through notifications and text, manage all locations for which they’re hiring in one place, and post to 80+ job boards with a single click. Fountain is already an established leader in hiring automation for on-demand organizations, and its new mobile app will bring that same hiring engine to a broader range of organizations.

Through the Fountain mobile app, new Fountain users can sign up for Fountain’s Lite or Pro tier, depending on their needs and hiring goals. For existing Fountain users, the app is a full-featured version of the same desktop software they already use. All Fountain users will be able to access the same powerful hiring dashboard from both their desktop and their mobile devices.

“Fountain’s mobile app is the best way to hire hourly workers,” said Keith Ryu, CEO of Fountain. “The app serves as a hiring manager’s partner through the entire process from automating the interview scheduling process to sending the offer letter, all from a mobile device.”

Fountain customers are already benefiting from app features, such as in-app notifications of new job applicants. “As a manager, it’s great being able to see how the team is progressing with hiring at a high level,” said Trevor Fleshman, head of product at The Town Kitchen. “Getting notified when someone applies on my phone is just an extra reminder that Fountain is working.”

The Fountain app features:

  • Smart hiring on-the-go: An innovative new sourcing and hiring experience for hiring managers, on-the-go
  • Immediate candidate engagement: Hiring managers can communicate directly with qualified candidates through SMS messaging
  • Fountain’s Boost feature: Businesses can source candidates on a budget and save time. Hiring managers enter in their sourcing budget and the Boost feature uses artificial intelligence to distribute the money across the most relevant job boards and ensure the most qualified applicants are reached.

In just 4 months since the release of Fountain Lite and Pro tiers, more than 5000+ new Fountain customers are actively hiring through the software and over 3000+ people have applied for jobs.

Fountain is known for helping companies like Grubhub, Uber Eats and Safeway hire millions of shift and gig workers quickly and at scale. The new mobile app brings this powerful technology to every business, no matter the size.

To learn more about Fountain’s mobile apps, visit for iOS and for Android.

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