A measurably better background screening platform that improves hiring conversion rates and candidate experience

Partnership Overview

Yardstik and Fountain deliver better screening and onboarding tools to businesses hiring hourly employees, 1099 contractors, and gig workers. When used together, Yardstik and Fountain give customers a measurably better candidate experience and higher conversion rates for hiring their workers.

With this integration, customers also have exclusive access to an innovative feature meant to reduce screening costs known as Sequential Screening. Through this process, unqualified applicants are removed earlier in the hiring process, saving customers time and money, and reducing the risk of bad actors joining their company.

Key Integration Benefits

  • Run Fewer Background Checks: Sequential screening removes bad actors from consideration earlier, before additional screens are performed
  • Two Integration Options: Implement the screening tools and workflows that work best for you
  • Better Candidate Experience: Applicants can execute all steps and tasks in one Fountain workflow
  • Best-in-Class Support: Yardstik helps you navigate the complexities of background screening