Walton Management Services

The leading provider of point-of-hire-tax credits.

Partnership Overview

Walton delivers technology solutions proven to automate and streamline Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTCs). Walton integrates with Fountain to seamlessly screen new hires for tax credits and optimize tax savings for employers across all sectors.

Walton and Fountain’s integrated solution delivers a simple user experience for employees to screen for WOTC eligibility. By answering a few simple questions, Walton determines whether new hires qualify and files the necessary forms with the government on behalf of the employer.

Key Integration Benefits

  • Automate tax credit screening: Walton’s integrated solution automates WOTC processes, saving time and resources.
  • Superior technology: Walton’s award-winning technology delivers AlwaysON Reporting and push alerts for critical aspects of WOTC.
  • Maximum results: Walton’s technology and robust best practices are proven to deliver maximum tax credits with ease.