Joveo is an AI-powered recruitment marketing platform that helps hiring teams manage and optimize their talent funnel.

Partnership Overview

Joveo is an AI-led, fully integrated recruitment marketing platform that enables hiring teams to attract, engage, source, and hire the most relevant candidates—on time and within budget. With Joveo’s advanced data science and AI, hiring teams can dynamically manage and optimize your talent funnel and applications across all online channels, while gaining real-time insights at every stage of the job seeker journey.

Key Integration Benefits

  • AI-led job advertising: Joveo’s AI-powered programmatic job advertising platform helps you reach a wider yet more targeted  audience, ensuring your job postings are seen by the most qualified candidates.
  • Centralized media buying: Joveo helps you source talent across traditional as well as niche job sites, social media, and search engines—all through one platform, while consolidating invoicing across all media buying.
  • Optimized career sites: Joveo allows you to build dynamic, personalized, and SEO-optimized career sites, thereby increasing engagement and application rates.
  • Job application optimization: Joveo simplifies your job application process to reduce candidate drop-offs, so you can get more complete applications without spending more on advertising.
  • Advanced talent CRM: Joveo’s talent CRM offers a sophisticated candidate engagement system, enabling you to nurture your talent pools effectively, ensuring a steady pipeline of qualified candidates.
  • Data-driven insights: The integration between Joveo and Fountain enables you to track and optimize your entire recruiting funnel. With real-time, predictive insights and recommendations across the funnel, you can make more informed decisions, optimizing your strategies for better hiring outcomes and costs.