Applicant training and education

Partnership Overview

eduMe is a training platform designed for frontline workers. eduMe’s integration with Fountain provides new hires with a seamless experience that combines sourcing, screening, and onboarding. It allows you to equip your workforce with the skills, knowledge and information they need to succeed from day one. This results in a world-class onboarding experience through seamlessly delivered immersive, consumer-grade training, providing you with improved productivity, increased retention, and improved employee satisfaction.

eduMe and Fountain have partnered to optimize the entire employee lifecycle. By integrating eduMe’s training capabilities with the Fountain platform, businesses can seamlessly transition from hiring to onboarding and training, ensuring a holistic and efficient approach to workforce development.

Key Integration Benefits

  • Streamlines the hiring-to-training process
  • Improves onboarding
  • Enhances employee development
  • Reduces administrative overhead