Attract talent across channels and fill your candidate pipeline with Fountain’s mobile engagement solution

How it works


Fountain Text-to-Apply allows job seekers to text a keyword (e.g., JOBS) to a shortcode to begin the application process directly from their mobile device. Geolocation detects the candidate’s location to filter and display relevant job openings in their area. Text-to-Apply helps employers provide an engaging candidate experience anytime, anywhere. Want to see Text-to-Apply in action? Text JOBS to 464646.

Automated engagement

Once job seekers text the keyword to the shortcode, they will receive a personalized message to keep them engaged and drive conversion. On the backend, Fountain will create a profile for the applicant without the need to upload a resume or manually enter personal information, decreasing candidate drop-off through a simplified application process.

Test out multiple keywords for each opening, location, and brand to identify which marketing tactics work best for your business.

Advertise anywhere

The unique keyword and shortcode can be displayed anywhere, from social media and digital ads to window clings and takeout bags, broadening the sourcing pool for every open position, seasonal or evergreen.

There is no need to download an app or scan a QR code as all communication is through text messages.

To narrow your search by geography, set the appropriate geolocation radius so applicants are only displayed jobs that are within reach.

Advanced Reporting

Fountain analytics provide out-of-the-box reporting on your Text-to-Apply performance. Aggregate analytics across all keywords like Total Unique Inquiries and Total Apply Rate generate a holistic view of the SMS sourcing channel. Drill-down reports by keyword surface granular insights that will support your Text-toApply optimization. With custom UTMs, you’ll be able to track performance at every level.