Decrease Your Time-to-hire with Efficient Built-in E-signatures

Have candidate documents signed in record time directly through Fountain

How it works

Document Review, E-signatures, and Onboarding Flows

No more searching through email attachments, download folders, or paperwork to find the signed documents you need. Our e-signature feature keeps candidates in the Fountain platform, and provides them the flexibility to sign documents on their desktop or right on their mobile device using their finger, getting your new hires onboard faster.

Convenience, meet compliance

All the action happens right in the platform, so documents are right where you left them. This feature was designed with security in mind, so it’s compliant with SOC2 and major e-signature laws.

Get started in minutes

To get started with e-signatures, once activated, simply add the signature stage to your workflow and upload a PDF version of the documents that candidates need to sign.