Turas Group

How Turas Group, a staffing agency, introduced modern hiring technology to better serve their franchisee clients

How using Fountain’s Software introduced automation and created a single hub for efficiently serving applicants at a high volume
2 weeks
Time to Implement Fountain
Applicant:Recruiter Ratio
3 days
Time-to-Hire down from 2 weeks
"We implemented Fountain in just two weeks and enabled us to quickly communicate with over 10,000 applicants through automation. Within four months, we filled over 200 positions and brought our average time-to-offer from two weeks down to three days."
Dee Labriola
Director of Recruiting
Turas Group is a staffing agency that works with food and beverage, technology, healthcare, and hospitality industries.
North Carolina, USA
Staffing and Recruiting
Turas Group was able to automate all the messages sent to thousands of candidates. Automation was also used to upload all the candidate information from every franchisee’s ATS into one, Fountain dashboard.


Turas Group needed an automated and efficient process to manage and communicate with a high volume of candidates across its 20 Chick-fil-A locations.

Managing incoming applicants from all the different Chick-fil-a locations and communicating with all of them was their biggest pain point. Given the volume of people applying for jobs, keeping track of all this manually was not possible.

Each franchisee uses their own ATS or Applicant Tracking System to keep track of all their incoming applicants. Turas Group, as a result, had to log into each individual technology, extract all the applicant information, and follow up with each candidate manually. This meant Turas Group lacked a single source of truth for aggregating all this information.

The process was slow, inefficient, and provided no clear visibility for the agency. As a result, it took the agency up to 2 weeks to respond to qualified candidates which is not an ideal time-to-hire for the clients - small franchisees who can’t afford to have a partially-staffed team.  


Turas Group implemented Fountain’s hiring software to automate key recruiting processes.

Within two weeks of teaming up with Fountain, Turas Group experienced immediate change. First, they used Fountain’s software to connect to each of the franchisee’s ATSs and pull all the applicant data into one, seamless dashboard.

Second, they were able to then send automated SMS messages to all qualified applicants. This means all 100% of candidates are now engaged immediately and without any need for the Turas Group team to do anything manually.

With automation, Turas Group has one, single place to see candidate information for all the Chick-Fil-A locations they serve.


Turas Group communicated with over 10,000 applicants and filled over 200 positions within four months of using Fountain, while bringing the average time-to-offer from two weeks down to three days.

Having an automated processes made it easier for Turas Group to engage with thousands of candidates at once. This helped Chick-fil-A franchisees not only find the best employees for open positions across all 10 locations, but also shorten the number of days it took to send an offer - from two weeks down to three days! Turas Group was able to do this with a small hiring team who is now able to process almost 1600 applicants per staffing agent. With such a dramatic jump in their efficiency, no additional investments are required to expand its team. Now, Turas Group can focus on building upon this foundation and looking at other areas such as improving sourcing methods and creating a superior candidate experience.