Remarkable People Solutions: 50%+ reduction in time-to-hire and 100% communication with every candidate
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Remarkable People Solutions: 50%+ reduction in time-to-hire and 100% communication with every candidate

Remarkable People Solutions captures quality candidates and halves time-to-hire with Fountain


Remarkable People Solutions provides hiring and training services to help companies hire candidates, retain those candidates, and create new processes and systems that drive better business results. The company was founded in 2018 in Morehead City, North Carolina, by Carlie Lockey, who continues to run the business as Founder and CEO.

Prior to starting Remarkable People Solutions, Lockey worked on the front lines of a national fast-food chain and experienced first hand the massive amounts of turnover among hourly roles. This inspired her to start Remarkable People Solutions to help other organizations rethink hiring processes and create changes to hire the right employees while minimizing churn.



Reduction in time-to-hire


Communication with every applicant

From 3 days to immediate

Time-to-contact decreased

Cutting-edge ATS solves hiring struggles

Helping customers recruit, select, and retain candidates is the foundation of Remarkable People Solutions, but the applicant tracking system (ATS) they had been using prior to Fountain did not allow the team to efficiently serve their clients. Their previous ATS, along with most systems on the market, had minimal customization abilities, resulted in long hiring processes, and offered little to no flexibility for the frequency and type of communications sent to candidates. The Remarkable People Solutions team needed an alternative ATS that would allow them to design a hiring process to reduce their manual efforts without sacrificing their quality of service.

One of the major challenges Remarkable People Solutions had been facing before Fountain was spending time manually updating or moving information from one platform to another. For example, if a candidate applied via a job board, the team would have to input data for each applicant into their ATS. As a result, candidates might not hear from the recruiting team for up to three days, whereas with Fountain, candidates are immediately notified with next steps and can even be moved to the appropriate stage via automated workflows.

“We could not move faster because of the manual tasks,” said Lockey, in reference to the previous ATS. “I kept thinking, there has to be a better way.”

Fountain’s automation and customization capabilities allow Remarkable People Solutions to create processes designed specifically for their unique business needs. From creating rules within workflows to push candidates through stages based on qualifications, to sending automated SMS updates to applicants throughout the hiring process, cutting-edge technology is at the core of Fountain.

“We wanted to streamline the applicant process and be able to be relevant in regards to technology,” said Lockey. “Fountain has, what we call, the full-service solution. All you have to do is wait for your ideal candidate to walk in the door.”

Tailoring workflows to hire quality candidates

Delivering quality candidates who are passionate about their clients’ open roles is what sets Remarkable People Solutions apart from their competitors. Lockey and her team have developed a screening system that yields quality candidates who are more likely to stay for the long term. Part of their success comes from having an optimized, modern, and applicant-friendly ATS that makes it easy and quick for leading candidates to apply.

“Quality candidates definitely want a streamlined application process without a lot of fluff because they’re probably applying to a couple of different industry leaders,” said Lockey, referring to how Fountain meets those requirements. “And they’re judging us and our client based upon the application process.”

Another major reason Remarkable People Solutions chose to adopt Fountain as their ATS is due to the customization options. The team can tailor workflows for every job posting to meet the needs of each of their clients. Not all businesses should hire exactly the same way, and even regions within businesses may need to hire differently. A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t effective with hourly hiring.

“If a client really values internal referrals or values a certain background experience, then a candidate who meets those requirements can automatically skip stages, so we spend the most time with the folks that our partner would potentially hire,” said Lockey.

Seamless communication with candidates results in a streamlined applicant experience

Consistently communicating application updates to candidates is crucial to keeping quality candidates engaged and excited about the job. Fountain’s SMS feature has given the Remarkable People Solutions team the ability to meet candidates wherever they are.

“Once the candidate applies, Fountain can automatically send them a text message to say, ‘here are three more pieces of information that we need from you,’” said Lockey. “So they’re never leaving the application process without hearing from us. And those who meet expectations can go right into selecting their own interview time slot. As an applicant, you can start an application and already schedule yourself for an interview as early as the next day.”

Fountain’s integrations have also played a large role in creating a seamless applicant experience. One of the features the Remarkable People Solutions team values highly is the DocuSign integration. The integration allows candidates to access all of their onboarding documents, like I-9 and W-4 forms, electronically from one page.

Keeping up communications with candidates regardless of what stage they’re in helps Remarkable People Solutions maintain a strong reputation in their field for delivering quality candidates to their clients.

“We communicate with 100% of our applicant pool,” said Lockey. “And that’s a huge differentiator to create a positive applicant experience.”

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“Quality candidates definitely want a streamlined application process without a lot of fluff because they’re probably applying to a couple of different industry leaders.”

Scaling operations with a small talent acquisition team

Remarkable People Solutions has become highly efficient at scaling operations both for themselves and for the clients they work with.

“We help companies that do not have the time to investigate and find the best ATS or to look at resumes and determine who they should interview,” said Lockey. “We bring our expertise and we partner it with Fountain.”

Since adopting Fountain, the company has seen a reduction in time-to-hire of more than 50%, from around 10 days down to three days. The automation capabilities, like being able to autotext interview reminders to candidates, along with seamless data collection have saved the team countless hours of manual work.

“If you need to save time or don’t have much time to spend on the hiring process, Fountain can scale that for you,” said Lockey.

Continual improvement as needs grow and change

On top of the forward-thinking customization and automation capabilities of Fountain, Remarkable People Solutions values the consistent improvements made to the platform.

“Just because you have an applicant tracking software does not mean that you’re set up for success,” said Lockey. “You’ve got to have an ATS that is constantly evolving and providing you the tools that you need to be successful.”

The ability to deliver product feedback to the Fountain team and see those changes implemented solidified the company’s decision to adopt Fountain. In addition, being able to quickly solve problems and get their questions answered allows the Remarkable People Solutions team to continue working seamlessly without having to wait for answers on how to improve processes.

“If I run into something that I really need a solution for and I’m not able to solve it, the Fountain team is always quick to respond and help me figure it out,” said Lockey.