Fountain Continues Momentum with Record Number of Hourly Workers Hired

Fountain experiences largest growth to-date, up 128% over previous quarter

Fountain, a leading hiring automation software for the flexible workforce, is pleased to announce more than 300,000 hourly workers were hired and onboarded through its software during Q3 2018, solidifying Fountain as the industry leader in on-demand recruitment at a time when the gig economy looks to hire candidates at a rate faster than ever before.

Since its inception, Fountain has received over 12.3 million applicants and hired over 1.6 million hourly workers. The platform, which is utilized by some of the largest on-demand employers, including Uber Eats, Rover, Lime and Shipt, has increased recruiter efficiency among these companies by 400 percent.

“Today’s companies are seeing a growing need to hire more hourly workers, and they need to fill open positions at a rapid pace if they want their business to not only survive, but thrive,” said Keith Ryu, CEO of Fountain. “These companies are only as strong as their workforce, so ensuring they have the personnel to power their business is crucial. Fountain came on the market to offer a solution to this pain point, and we’re thrilled to see the momentum we’re gaining from both on-demand and more traditional companies looking to hire the talent they need, faster.”

From July to September, Fountain processed more than 2.3 million applicants through its software, of which 300,000 were hired. With Fountain’s automation abilities, companies in the gig economy can set hiring preferences and requirements, allowing them to spend more time with candidates and less on scheduling interviews and sending reminders.

“Fountain has changed the way we recruit and hire talent. The team has helped us scale to 100+ markets and 4 continents in the first 6 months,” said Colin McMahon, Head of Juicer Operations. “From day one, Fountain has understood the challenges we face in this arena and has provided us with a viable solution that did not previously exist. We’re excited to see how they continue to grow and change the on-demand landscape.”

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