Fountain Ushers in a New Era of Workforce Management with the Launch of Fountain Onboard and Fountain Compliance

[SAN FRANCISCO, February 1, 2024] – Fountain, the leading comprehensive platform for hiring and onboarding the frontline workforce, is excited to announce the launch of two innovative products—Fountain Onboard and Fountain Compliance. These tech-driven solutions are designed to revolutionize the onboarding experience for frontline workers and simplify compliance management for businesses.

Fountain Onboard redefines onboarding processes with its user-friendly, AI-driven platform. It offers personalized task flows, a fully customizable mobile portal, and streamlined onboarding processes. With features such as real-time insights, personalized dashboards, and AI-assisted design customization, Fountain Onboard accelerates onboarding flows, ensures a seamless day one experience, and fosters increased retention and worker engagement.

In frontline industries where high-volume hiring is essential, effective onboarding is a critical component of ensuring candidates who are hired complete their paperwork and arrive ready to start work. It’s a major challenge for many companies; around 22% of workers who accept offers don’t show up to work on their first day, according to Indeed.

With Fountain Onboard, companies can:

  • Accelerate Onboarding Flows: By leveraging cutting-edge AI for real-time insights, Fountain Onboard effortlessly streamlines and customizes onboarding processes with a tailored approach for both administrators and new hires. Users have access to personalized task dashboards, improving adaptability and efficiency.
  • Build a Better Day One: With AI-assisted design customization, mobile-optimized portals, password-free access, embedded videos, and personalized notifications, Fountain Onboard ensures the employee experience aligns with your company’s culture, values, and processes.
  • Increase Retention and Worker Engagement: Foster increased engagement through customized onboarding materials, creating a connection with the company and team even before the first day.

“The launch of our new products marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of how companies onboard frontline workers, and builds on the tremendous success of our premier platform technology which helps our customers hire more than 3 million workers each year,” said Sean Behr, CEO of Fountain. “This is the next step in how we support our customers, ensuring those hires are prepared and arrive ready for work on day one. Fountain Onboard and Fountain Compliance are a testament to our commitment to innovation and our mission to empower companies to find the right candidates and create successful, engaged teams.”

Fountain Onboard has already demonstrated remarkable success, delivering a 60% reduction in onboarding time and a 75% increase in administrator efficiency. With an 85% positive feedback rate, the platform has proven its ability to create a seamless and engaging introduction for new hires.

“With Fountain Onboard, we are excited for increased engagement, continued training, and better segmentation of our workforce,” said Jimmy Leddy, Program Manager at Alto.

Alongside Fountain Onboard, Fountain Compliance emerges as a powerful tool designed to simplify compliance management. Leveraging AI verification and IDP technology, Fountain Compliance provides transparent oversight of compliance status, automates document collection and evaluation, and minimizes disruptions in workflow. It offers services including W4 processing, I-9 processing & verification, eVerify integration, native e-signature, and tax forms. This solution is tailored specifically for executives overseeing compliance and workforce management.

“The launch of Fountain Onboard and Fountain Compliance are game-changers for HR professionals and frontline workers alike,” said Salim Jernite, Fountain Director of Product for Worker Experience. “By leveraging AI, Fountain creates a seamless and personalized introduction to the workplace, setting the stage for enhanced engagement and rapid integration of new hires.”

Fountain Compliance, combined with Fountain Onboard, creates a comprehensive solution for workforce management. These products work seamlessly together to create a connected and compliant workforce, empowering organizations to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

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About Fountain:

Fountain is the leading comprehensive platform for hiring and onboarding the frontline workforce. Fountain delivers a streamlined hiring process for employers to find more qualified candidates, faster–with a tech-driven efficiency that gets people to jobs in days, not weeks. The platform creates a seamless experience for hiring teams and applicants, with mobile-first technology that meets candidates where they are and saves employers time and resources, processing more than 30 million applications per year. With a focus on AI-powered technology and exceptional customer service, Fountain helps companies across all industries transform their frontline recruiting, onboarding, and retention processes to build a better workforce. For more information, visit

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