Fountain Launches a New Conversational AI Feature to Streamline the Entire Hiring Funnel

Introducing Fountain AI, a new way to optimize efficiency for recruiters and enhance the applicant experience

[SAN FRANCISCO, March 15, 2023] – In a move to further provide its customers with efficient and robust hourly hiring processes, Fountain, the world’s leading applicant tracking system (ATS) for high volume hiring, today announces the launch of Fountain AI to its suite of hiring solutions. Fountain AI is a conversational artificial intelligence feature that accelerates the hiring funnel and helps hiring managers get candidates to their first day of work faster. Fountain AI enables recruiters to screen and qualify applicants more efficiently and automates processes that hiring managers typically perform manually. 

Recruiters don’t always have the time to effectively manage talent pipelines and connect with candidates, which leads to disengaged candidates, application drop-offs, and interview no-shows. Through Fountain AI, enterprise organizations can streamline operations for recruiters and simplify the hiring funnel for candidates with mobile-first application features, automated data collection and sorting capabilities, and simple interview scheduling. Fountain AI also provides applicants with streamlined conversations that reduce mundane and repetitive application questions. By combining Fountain AI with the Fountain Labor ATS, organizations gain insights into hiring efficiencies to ensure they’re keeping the right applicants moving through the pipeline, screening the right candidates, and efficiently staffing operations.

“Enterprise organizations are in tight competition for hourly talent and if you don’t hire fast, you don’t have staffed operations, which leads to a poor customer experience and negative business outcomes,” says Sean Behr, CEO of Fountain. “The addition of Fountain AI to our core offering creates an enhanced, user-friendly applicant experience for recruiters to move candidates through the funnel in minutes.”

Fountain AI simplifies the hiring process for both applicants and recruiters by guiding job candidates through an application with real-time responses, 24/7. With automated data collection and WhatsApp/SMS capabilities, applicants can now have richer digital, AI-powered conversations with recruiting teams by answering simple application questions and scheduling interviews without having to leave the chat.

“Engaging a high-volume hiring strategy that merges powerful AI technology with experienced talent acquisition professionals has proven to be the most successful way to win the race for top talent” says Joe Bosch, Executive Advisory Board Member at SemperVirens Venture Capital. “Fountain AI doesn’t replace humans in the recruitment process, but becomes a critical tool in reducing the time spent on repetitive and mundane tasks, while simultaneously moving candidates through the process as quickly as possible.”

Fountain AI is available now for all existing Fountain customers in the United States and globally. For more information, visit

About Fountain:

Fountain is the market leader in high volume hourly hiring. The company’s all-in-one Labor ATS provides a fast, frictionless experience that helps qualified candidates find the right role in the right location, and guides them from apply to start in days, not weeks. Backed by an automated workflow that is specific to an organization’s hiring needs, Fountain’s seamless applicant experience helps save hiring and operations teams time and resources. Hundreds of customers use Fountain’s solutions to hire over 3 million workers annually in more than 75 countries. Learn more on Fountain’s website or connect via Twitter, LinkedIn, or the Fountain blog.



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