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Keeping the world’s businesses afloat

As a business and professional services provider, you equip companies around the globe with the highest caliber workers who lend their expertise to complete services and projects. From office administrators to security staff to call center agents, organizations rely on you to keep their businesses up and running.

To maintain a healthy stream of staff as your customers’ needs ebb and flow, you need a simple and fast solution to fulfill hiring needs at the ready. The flexibility and nimbleness of Fountain can help you hire the high volume of staff you need as well as qualified workers your customers can depend on.

We’ll take care of finding you candidates

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Think of Fountain as an extension of your own talent acquisition team. From our user-friendly platform built with powerful automation to our attentive Customer Support specialists and sourcing experts, Fountain is here to simplify and streamline your hiring process.

Our partnerships with other Human Resource Information Systems and our integrations with platforms like Indeed are just a few of the proof points that make Fountain the trusted source for high volume hiring.

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Professional Services

Fountain features


Ramp up hiring when needs arise with quick activation of certain features.


Whether you’re hiring event staff or janitorial workers, Fountain’s dynamic workflow editor lets you pick and choose the qualifications and stages in your funnel.

Visibility and data-driven insights

As your hiring needs changes, reflect on what works for different industries and geographies, and adjust your funnels accordingly.

A public company has hired 17K remote customer service agents in the US YTD. They have utilized Fountain to complete initial applications, check computer connection, remote I-9s and more. Their effective cost-per-hire is ~$34.

Before Fountain, it would take anywhere from eight to 14 days to onboard an applicant. With Fountain, LiveOps reported ‌an applicant completed their entire external onboarding process in just five hours, with 100% automation.

Professional Services


Elevate your recruiting and hiring process with Fountain resources.

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