Fountain Hire

Your seamless solution to frontline hiring

Source smarter, attract better candidates, and hire faster with a streamlined solution that works for you.

Why Fountain Hire?

Discover the finest hourly talent, fast

Connect with top hourly candidates quickly, no matter where they are.

Custom-built solution for your hiring needs

Shape your hiring processes to fit each role and location.

Seamlessly scale and adapt for seasonality

Make fast changes based on seasonal fluctuations and tailor hiring processes to attract the best candidates.

Build a ready-to-work talent pool

Increase your frontline applicant volume, ensuring you’re never faced with the challenge of struggling to fill open positions.

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Your hourly hiring partner

Think of Fountain Hire as an extension of your own talent acquisition team. From our user-friendly platform built with powerful automation to our attentive Customer Success specialists and sourcing experts, Fountain Hire transforms your hiring process to get you the talent you need.

Drive results

  • Integrate seamlessly
  • Save time and money
  • Accelerate your hiring process
  • Make data-Informed decisions
  • Increase your applicant retention
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“With Fountain, it felt like we went from a horse and buggy to a Formula 1 racecar in a month’s time.”
Nick Prijic
Director of Driver Operations, Fetch

The Fountain difference

Discover Fountain, your partner in redefining recruitment. Fountain empowers you to strengthen and maximize investments, optimize tech and sourcing, expand with AI, and effortlessly tailor hiring workflows for each role and location. Elevate candidate experiences with world-class solutions and gain valuable insights for continuous improvement.

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Strengthen your current investments

Maximize your existing investments for better results.

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Optimize your technology and sourcing strategies

Complement your current hiring tech stack and sourcing approaches with a specialized tool for frontline operations.

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Grow with AI and automation

Supercharge your business expansion and seamless candidate recruitment through AI and automation.

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Effortlessly scale and recruit

Easily scale your business and hire candidates without hassle.

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Tailor processes for each role and location

Craft custom hiring workflows that align with each job and location.

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Elevate candidate experiences to world-class standards

Provide top-tier experiences for every candidate with omnichannel and mobile-first solutions.

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Gain valuable insights for continuous improvement

Access actionable insights and maintain full visibility to respond to market dynamics and stay ahead of your competitors.

Global Reach

Empowering the world to hire high volumes of workers, faster







A completely customized hiring experience

We understand your hiring needs change over time.
That’s why Fountain Hire makes it easy for you to:

Talent Pool

Customize your application process for your hourly workforce

Attract and hire the right talent when you need them.

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Automate candidate assessments and credential verification

Get candidates through faster.

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Let applicants choose their preferred interview time and method

Offer in-person, virtual, or video interview.

Staff your operations, keep business moving

Hiring the best talent can take time. Let Fountain Hire do the heavy lifting so you can focus on lighter tasks.

Our custom workflows:

  • Guide candidates through fast hiring and easy onboarding.
  • Seamlessly authenticate identity and verify documents.
  • Help you optimize your hiring process through data insights and analyses.
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"Fountain has helped our team rethink how we hire. With Fountain’s streamlined and candidate-friendly communications, we’ve been able to close the loop with candidates faster."
Rachel Carey
Program Manager, Stitch Fix
“Fountain integrates with our other platforms and we are able to create custom reports on our dashboard, which automatically update, so we can easily monitor all our hiring data in one place.”
Derk-Jan Verhaak
Corporate Development Analyst, Picnic Supermarkets

Explore integration partners

Our partnerships with other Human Resource Information Systems and integrations with platforms like Indeed are just a few of the proof points that make Fountain the trusted source for high volume hiring.

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A hiring solution you can trust

Fountain upholds the highest security standards to keep our customers safe.