Keeping Up With the Fast-Paced Gig Climate

Hire gig workers faster with Fountain’s automated and mobile friendly solutions


The rise of the gig economy has been stratospheric. Anyone with a smartphone can apply to perform services such as ride-sharing, food delivery, or menial tasks around the house, all of which can be done on the gig worker’s own schedule.This mobile phone–dependent work style is a perfect fit for workers who want to make their own hours and prefer a nontraditional work environment. This type of work also benefits from a nontraditional application process that eliminates the resumes and in-person interviews and gets workers ready to serve customers fast.

Automated, Flexible High Volume Hiring On the Go

Automated Workflows


Fountain’s applicant tracking system is built with hourly workers in mind, with automated scheduling, text, and email reminders to keep applicants engaged and informed. Hiring managers can automate background checks, video interviews, and document signing thanks to Fountain’s embedded features.

Interview tools-


Gig workers are always on the go and rely on their mobile devices for both personal and professional communication. Fountain’s mobile-first platform lets applicants apply to jobs anywhere, anytime in just a few swipes or even by text message.

Automated Workflows

Customization & Flexibility

Post jobs with one click and let Fountain’s algorithm do the rest so you can focus on your business. The fast-paced nature of hourly work is supported by Fountain’s flexible workflows, which include drag-anddrop features and enable quick changes to accommodate fluctuations in hiring.


High Volume Recruiting

Fountain was built to scale for high volume recruiting to attract as many applicants as possible. Even if your recruiting team is small, Fountain helps you hire in large numbers.