Elevate your screening strategy

Secure the best candidates with intelligent and automatic applicant filtering.

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Simplify communication with candidates

Use automated SMS, emails, and calendar scheduling to engage candidates throughout the hiring process.

Build the steps specific to your hiring process

Fountain’s drag-and-drop workflow editor and bulk actions enable flexibility in real time.

Decrease time-to-hire with automated screening workflows

Rely on Fountain’s robust stage routing to move the right candidates through the pipeline faster.

Level up how you qualify candidates

Quickly identify the best applicants by leveraging multivariate workflows that advance them through the funnel.

Automated workflows

Automated workflows

Create roadmaps for the applicant experience to reduce time-to-hire.

Candidate assessments

Candidate assessments and credential verification 

Measure skills, aptitude, personality, and authenticate worker credentials with Fountain’s assessment integrations.

Interview tools

Interview tools

Utilize scheduling, instant interviews, and recorded interviews to quickly evaluate top candidates.

Insights to the process

Robust analytics to optimize the applicant experience

Make more informed applicant sourcing, screening, and hiring decisions with Fountain’s comprehensive and robust analytic tools.

“Fountain has not only allowed us to manage more applicants, but it has allowed us to test and adjust our process over time, which is the most important thing for a fast-growing company.”

Tom Morrison
Head of Supply Operations, UK and Ireland, Deliveroo
Applicant screen time reduced by 250%
Processes up to 10,000 applicants each week

Another company saw 30% more applicants overnight with no changes to pay or bonuses and no additional job advertising. They also reduced their time-to-hire to < 3 days.

Customize your ideal qualification solution

The Fountain integration ecosystem has a variety of tools for all of your qualification and hiring tech stack needs.