Fountain launches a suite of solutions to improve the application experience for hourly workers

With ongoing global labor shortages, Fountain’s latest integration with WhatsApp offers enterprises new opportunities to enhance the candidate experience to achieve hiring goals

SAN FRANCISCO, September 15, 2022Fountain, the world’s leading all-in-one applicant tracking system for high volume hiring, today announced the launch of a series of platform updates designed to enhance the applicant experience, including a WhatsApp messaging integration.

Applicants seeking hourly work apply to 4-5 jobs per day on average, with 85-90% of applications submitted via mobile device. In a world where application flows can be notoriously clunky, enabling a smart, fast, and seamless mobile-first experience is the difference between hiring talent quickly and falling behind. As the world’s largest communication platform, the Fountain WhatsApp integration makes it easier for applicants to apply with MMS from anywhere in the world.

“Since our early days, Fountain has always pushed the frontiers of leveraging software-enabled customization and automation to drive unparalleled hiring outcomes for customers and applicants alike,” said Sean Behr, CEO of Fountain. “Creating a positive and engaging candidate experience is paramount to winning the talent race, and we are investing in creating  simple and fast experiences and meeting applicants directly on their mobile devices to help them find work faster.”   

The most common pain point that applicants face when looking for work is waiting. In some cases, candidates can go for extended periods of time without any response. For applicants who are looking for work or have pressing financial needs, this can be especially painful. Fountain’s investment in the applicant experience helps employers reduce time-to-hire and cost-to-hire, and drive engagement and conversion by identifying areas of drop-off through robust analytic reports.​​ Additionally, a simplified workflow editor redesign will enable recruiters to build a hiring process that is easier for applicants to complete quickly. 

“Quickening the pace of the applicant journey is key to winning the speed-to-hire talent competition that’s going on right now,” said Adrienne Gemperle, Chief People Officer at sweetgreen. “We have one chance to make an amazing, brand-building first impression. When you’re actively managing high-volume hiring of hourly field roles, ensuring we create a 5-star team member experience from the moment they apply is a competitive advantage.”

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About Fountain:

Fountain is the market leader in high volume hiring because its solutions enable customers to get ahead of their hiring goals. Fountain’s all-in-one platform enables companies to find qualified candidates and move them from application to onboarding quicker, reducing time to hire from weeks to days—or even hours. By simplifying the screening, interviewing and hiring experience, Fountain’s solutions keep applicants happy while ensuring organizations have pipelines full of hourly talent that are ready to work. Hundreds of customers use Fountain’s solutions to hire over 3 million workers annually in more than 75 countries. Learn more on Fountain’s website or connect via Twitter, LinkedIn, or the Fountain blog.