Streamline Verify

Streamline Verify is an industry leader in providing Exclusion Screening Automation and License Monitoring services to over 1,500 healthcare clients.

Partnership Overview

Streamline Verify’s agile, web-based platform can swiftly screen from 50 to 13 million records, offering rapid results and superior reporting. With access to over 1,000 essential databases, users can unlock the power of Streamline Verify via their accessible API.

By seamlessly integrating into the Fountain dashboard, Streamline Verify presents an innovative two-fold solution: rapidly identifying any candidate OIG Excluded due to disqualifying records across multiple databases while also providing comprehensive License Verifications for all providers.

This unique combination not only ensures employment compliance but also accelerates both the screening and licensing verification process, all within the Fountain platform. By eliminating the need to juggle between various systems, the Streamline Verify app paves the way for swift progression of non-excluded candidates, promoting time efficiency and maintaining seamless workflow integrity.


Key Integration Benefits

  • Prevents hiring delays by accelerating the verification process
  • Ensures compliance
  • Helps qualified candidates join your team as quickly as possible
  • Streamlines the hiring process