Branch is a workforce payments platform that offers instant payments and financial wellness services to workers.

Partnership Overview

Branch and Fountain deliver on the promise of streamlining onboarding for your qualified applicants. Branch makes paying workers button-click simple. Companies using Fountain can now automatically generate Branch’s digital bank account and debit card during the application process, giving new hires an easy, immediate way to get paid following the completion of work.

Operations teams can save time and energy by automating the payment setup for new and current workers.

Key Integration Benefits

  • Attract and retain workers with instant, digital payments
  • Save admin time by collecting relevant information through Fountain
  • Streamline and accelerate the
new hire onboarding process
  • Pay workers as needed and/or schedule payments ahead of time
  • Offer a free direct deposit and card option for all workers, including unbanked and minor workers
  • Deliver the benefit of no-fee banking to workers, eliminating overdraft fees, late fees, or minimum balance requirements