Indeed Apply Sync

Indeed Apply integration provides a candidate-friendly application experience on Indeed — Employers who used Indeed Apply received 5X times more completed applications 1.

Capture the attention of job seekers with a candidate-friendly application process

  • ‘Easily apply’ labels in Indeed search results bring attention to your mobile application process.
  • Simplified apply process streamlines the experience for talent on all devices, reducing candidate drop-off and increasing application completion rates.
  • Add Indeed Apply integration to your ATS to allow job seekers to apply with their Indeed Resume.
  • Jobs with Indeed Apply are clicked on 21% more often than non-Indeed Apply jobs. 2

Save time by posting your jobs with a single-click

  • Convert jobs to a Sponsored Job on Indeed with a single-click in your ATS.
  • Bulk sponsoring allows you to sponsor multiple jobs from a dashboard.
  • Screener questions and assessments help you vet applicants and quickly generate a shortlist.

Track & Manage all candidates and job applications with ease in your ATS

  • Recruiters engage with applications directly in your ATS
  • Data-driven analytics and reporting to view candidates and applications from Indeed inside their integrated ATS dashboard
  • Increase value proposition with the power of automation your ATS can provide

Mobile-optimized and user-friendly

Because jobs sent from Fountain include Indeed Apply, it’s easy for job seekers to apply to your open roles from any device. Indeed Apply’s streamlined, mobile-optimized application process lets candidates use their Indeed Resume to populate your application fields quickly and efficiently, and employers who accept mobile applications receive up to 6X as many applicants 3.

Data-driven analytics

When your job listings feature Indeed Apply, you can view and track candidates and applications from within Fountain. This allows recruiters to access data-driven analytics and reporting to view candidates and applications from Indeed inside the integrated Fountain dashboard.

1 Indeed data (WW), Tracking on non Indeed Apply applications may be limited
2 Indeed data (US)
3 Indeed data (worldwide)

Indeed Recruiter Extension

95% of U.S. employers agree that Indeed’s tools make hiring easier 1

With Indeed Recruiter Extension, you can access Indeed’s features right from your Chrome browser. Stay up-to-date on candidate messages, get critical notifications about your Indeed account, view market insights to help make your job descriptions more competitive, and much more.

Save time, hire smarter.

Install Indeed Recruiter Extension to unlock the power of Indeed on Fountain to…

  • Instantly contact Indeed job seekers matched to your Fountain job posts
  • Create more competitive job posts on Fountain by leveraging Indeed hiring market data
  • Check if your Fountain ob is visible on Indeed
  • Stay up to date on candidate messages or notifications from Indeed

1 Indeed Survey, March 2023, U.S. Employers

Get the extension to quickly access:

Smart Features*

  • Hiring insights – Use Indeed hiring market data to create more competitive job postings in your ATS
  • Job visibility – Check any ATS job’s visibility and sponsorship status on Indeed
  • Candidate recommendations – Instantly get matched with candidates that fit your job criteria

Indeed Alerts

  • Candidate message alerts – Never miss a candidate message, with instant alerts
  • New resume alerts for your saved searches – Get alerted when new candidates match your saved searches
  • Indeed notifications – Receive interview reminders and notifications about your Indeed account.

Google Workspaces

Interview scheduling – Quickly schedule virtual interviews directly in Google Calendar.

*You can leverage these features when you enable access permissions after installing the extension. Currently available with select ATS platforms.


Feature details

Candidate Messaging

Stay in touch with your Indeed candidates from your Chrome browser. With Indeed Recruiter Extension, you can stay updated on notifications and new messages from your Indeed candidates.

  • Instantly see alerts about candidate messages and click to take action
  • Get alerted when you receive new messages from candidates

Notifications from Indeed

Get real-time updates in your Chrome browser that alert you of actions within your Indeed account. With Indeed Recruiter Extension, you can always have a light alert of all your new notifications and easily click to take action. These notifications can alert you of:

  • Important updates regarding your posted jobs
  • Upcoming calls and reminders of your Indeed interviews

Schedule Indeed Interviews

A tool designed for virtual interviews, directly from your Google Calendar.

  • With Indeed Recruiter Extension, recruiters and hiring managers can quickly schedule virtual interviews with candidates

Saved searches

Quickly access new resumes for your saved searches on Indeed’s Resume database

  • Highly skilled candidates have multiple employers reaching out to them, and speed of outreach is important to have a candidate consider your role. With saved searches, you will now have two channels to get notified when new candidates become available – on your email and on the Chrome extension, helping you get ahead of the competition to find the best candidate for your open roles

Sponsored Jobs Integration

Sponsored Jobs Integration optimally advertises your jobs on Indeed. With data-driven matching technology built on 19+ years of hiring data and job seeker insights, Sponsored Jobs displays your jobs to relevant candidates — helping you attract quality applicants. Sponsoring a job on Indeed will help you reach a diverse and high-intent audience to expand your pool of quality applicants.

Features & Benefits

More talent and more hires

  • Over 80% of US online job seekers visit Glassdoor or Indeed 3
  • Job listings you create or update in Fountain are automatically sent to, so your most up-to-date job information is ready to be found by Indeed’s job seekers whenever they search. There are over 245 million resumes on Indeed1 – with 8M+ resumes added or updated every month – giving you access to talent in almost every field.

Prioritize the campaign objectives that matter most to your recruiting success

  • Objective-driven campaigns will enable you to quickly set up and execute hiring campaigns focused on achieving your most important recruiting goals — time to hire, volume of applicants, and cost per apply (*not available in all markets)
  • Track campaign success with ATS integration, Conversion Tracker, Google Analytics, or Indeed Apply.
  • Budgeting tools to plan, control, and allocate your spend based on the volume of applicants you need at a cost that fits your budget.

Data-driven analytics

  • Indeed’s performance data helps you optimize your recruiting campaigns and make the right hire, quickly and easily
  • You may choose to sponsor (advertise) your jobs to improve visibility, when you need to hire quickly, or when you are having a hard time filling a role.

1 Indeed data (worldwide)
2 Indeed Internal Data, average monthly Unique Visitors April – September 2022
3 Comscore, Unique Visitors, May 2021. Job seeker cross-visit rate set at 3X non-job seeker rate

Indeed is a search engine, similar to sites like Google, which provides links to jobs all over the web. As a free service for job seekers, we include job listings from employers’ career pages, staffing agencies, major job boards and newspapers in our search results through a method called aggregation. We regularly visit those websites, check for new jobs and for changes in existing jobs and update Indeed with that information. Our goal is to be the most comprehensive job site to attract the highest quality candidates to Indeed and to provide them with visibility into open roles.

What is a job aggregator?

Job aggregators, also known as job sites, are specialized search engines that collect jobs from across the web, then index them so job seekers can find what they’re looking for. People looking for jobs use job sites to see everything that’s out there and to pursue the right opportunities.

Indeed is the #1 job site in the world 1 with 250 million unique visitors 2

every month, and helps millions of job seekers and employers find the right fit every day. You can search and view 225 million resumes – with 9M+ resumes added or updated every month – giving you access to talent in every field.

1 Comscore, Total Visits, September 2021
2 Google Analytics, Unique Visitors, February 2020


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