GLOBO: Time-to-onboard reduced by 72%
Case Study

GLOBO: Time-to-onboard reduced by 72%

Fountain Hire enables GLOBO to manage rapid growth while decreasing onboarding time


GLOBO is a technology-focused language solutions provider that enables organizations to communicate in 430 languages and provides robust data and insights through a revolutionary cloud-based platform. The company offers access to qualified interpreting professionals, translation services, and language integrations so companies can deliver an exceptional experience to their customers. GLOBO aims to provide empathic interactions to the over 25 million people in the United States who are considered to have limited English proficiency.

Dominika Weston, Talent Manager at GLOBO, manages the talent acquisition team and has played an instrumental role in not only revamping the onboarding processes and restructuring the recruiting team but also the overall growth of the company during the past several years.



Decrease in time-to-onboard (from 22 days to 6 days)

Manage 1,050%

Increase in annual onboards (from 200 to 2,300 per year)

A struggle to streamline processes

GLOBO relies on delivering quality linguists to its customers, and having the right hiring system in place to hire these linguists is crucial to GLOBO’s success. When Weston joined GLOBO, there were only two recruiters on the team, and their existing applicant tracking system (ATS) was hindering the small team’s efficiency.

“There were a lot of challenges as far as lack of structure in the onboarding process, lack of accessibility to the data, lack of ability to pull reports that would help the recruiting team make better hiring decisions,” said Weston. “We didn’t have everything all combined in one place. Things felt like they were all over the place.”

As a company looking to expand, they needed a solution that would automate and streamline all of their communications and information into one platform so the team could manage a larger number of applicants.

“We had candidates reaching out to many departments asking about the updates on their onboarding process, and it was almost like the left hand would not know what the right hand was doing,” said Weston. “It was a lack of transparency that created situations that could have been avoided if we had everything centralized.”

An ATS designed for scalable growth

When Weston and her team were looking for a new ATS, they were looking for something that could help them scale the business without drastically increasing headcount.

“We looked at several products and we found Fountain to be the most appealing with the product roadmap, the attentiveness to the clients’ needs, and the overall automation and customization functionalities within the system itself,” said Weston.

Around the time they were looking into a new ATS, GLOBO was starting to grow rapidly. Due to the nature of their hiring process of having to deliver on unique needs for varying types of clients, the new system needed to be easily configurable.

“When we onboard linguists for remote positions, the onboarding steps are slightly different than for onboarding linguists for onsite, in-person engagement,” said Weston. “With Fountain, we are able to change and modify the workflows to really make the best use out of the applicants’ time and out of the recruiters’ time.”

One of the biggest pain points with their previous ATS was the inability to consolidate information into one system. With Fountain Hire, everything they need for talent acquisition is in one place, which has allowed other teams within GLOBO to access recruiting information when needed.

“If recruiter A reaches out to candidate A and then candidate A responds, recruiter B can pick things up right there,” Weston said. “Everything is clear, unified, and it’s just easy to navigate.”

“It’s been great having other teams utilize the platform for what they need, whether it is a candidate’s credentials, the quality of the leads, or how the negotiation of the rates took place.”

A remedy that benefits recruiters and candidates

Providing candidates with a superior experience is a main focus for the GLOBO team. Remedying the pain points of their unpolished hiring process is what made Fountain Hire the best choice for Weston and her team.

“When candidates go through the onboarding process, they’re able to see what their next step is,” said Weston. “They don’t have to go back and forth with the recruiter. We create workflows and we can enable visibility into these workflows for the candidates. For example, they know that after the background check, documentation comes in place. The candidate can see where they are in the journey from start to the very end.”

On the recruiter side, document-signing integrations and the ability for candidates to schedule/reschedule interviews on their own have drastically reduced the mundane tasks that stalled the previous system. Fountain Hire’s workflow automation also minimizes the need to manually move candidates through the hiring funnel, allowing the team to efficiently manage a large volume of applicants.

“The process of applying is much easier—now recruiters don’t waste time looking into and reviewing the resumes, or looking at what questions are not answered the way we would like them to be,” said Weston. “The process is much cleaner for the entire recruiting team. Our effectiveness and productivity also greatly increased.”

Candidates applying to GLOBO have commented on the ease of the application process, especially key features like SMS capabilities within Fountain Hire. This ability for the GLOBO team to manage candidate communications via automated text messages frees up time for recruiters to focus on more meaningful tasks like giving one-on-one, personalized attention to candidates who need it.

“[With Fountain Hire], we became much more effective at creating time for recruiters to interact directly with the applicants when needed,” said Weston. “Interviewing, building the relationship, and just making sure that the human touch is there, rather than spending endless hours on those admin pieces.”

Elevating decision-making through advanced data and analytics

Having clear visibility into data and analytics from the entire hiring funnel helps the GLOBO team continue to improve their process. The data’s level of granularity provides insight into potential workflow blockers and, in combination with the Fountain Customer Success team, GLOBO can quickly resolve issues and find solutions.

“Fountain provides a lot of transparency,” said Weston. “It allows us to analyze things and optimize where we still need improvements to make sure that we continue to offer the candidates the best possible experience out there.”

In addition to enhancing the overall process, Weston also uses the information to see where her team spends the most time. This helps inform her professional development plans for these team members and identify areas for improvement in the hiring process.

“I am able to pull the data and look at what my recruiters are spending their time on: Are they spending it on emailing passive candidates they identified? Are they spending it on text messaging active applicants and getting them through interviews? Or looking at and reviewing compliance documentation?” said Weston.


Paving the way for seamless growth

In the past three-and-a-half years, GLOBO has acquired three companies, and Fountain Hire has been pivotal in consolidating and optimizing the recruiting data and processes from these newly acquired companies. Prior to the mergers, GLOBO was onboarding approximately 200 people annually, and now, they are onboarding nearly 2,300 people per year and looking to increase these numbers in the coming years.

“From 200 onboards to over 2,000—it gives you really a good understanding and good perspective as to how the business has been growing and how essential and how timely it was for us to engage with Fountain, because otherwise, we would get lost,” Weston said.

GLOBO plans to continue to use Fountain Hire as the company expands.

“We continue to grow, we continue to acquire,” Weston said. “The business is expanding, and having everything centralized makes working so much easier for everyone.”