Centerfield cuts manual processes by 80% with Fountain Hire
Case Study

Centerfield cuts manual processes by 80% with Fountain Hire

Fountain Hire enables Centerfield to qualify candidates with greater ease


Centerfield is a dynamic digital marketing company that specializes in engag- ing customers and driving conversions. With a focus on innovative technology and data-driven strategies, Centerfield aims to facilitate growth and maximize ROI for businesses across various industries.

Zelna McGee, VP of Talent and Organizational Development, and Aaron Matvya, Manager of Talent Acquisition, are two members of the Centerfield Talent Acquisition team who are responsible for hiring across multiple segments.



decrease in manual recruiter actions at the top of the funnel


fewer resumes to screen, from 23,000 to 2,600

1 month's

worth of recruiters’ time saved with automated screening


decrease in time-to-hire (from 17 days to an average of 13 days)

Manual processes strained business growth

Centerfield faced significant challenges in its hiring processes when new acquisitions increased their need for high volumes of workers. Prior to Fountain Hire, most of the hiring processes were manual.

“We’re hiring for largely sized classes on a very frequent basis, and there are a lot of logistical details that go into making these hires,” said Matvya. “For example, when we’re hiring for sales agents, they have to get licensing contracted by certain states, they have to go through all sorts of background checks and approvals, and we have them take an internet speed test. There’s just an unlimited number of things that we have to look into before we’re actu- ally able to hire somebody.”

Managing these requirements manually was not only inefficient but detracted from their ability to meet their hiring goals.

McGee, Matvya, and the team also ran into significant friction during the communication stages of the hiring funnel, which amplified their need to find a better solution fast.

“Before Fountain Hire, the recruiter would have to manually reach out to the candidate at each step of the funnel,” said Matvya. “We would have to say,

‘Hey, you applied. We’re reaching out to you to say please submit a speed test.’ They’re emailing us back. We’re reviewing, emailing them back again—it was a lot of back and forth.”

An easy decision for an effortless new hiring solution

When the Centerfield team knew they needed a solution for their hiring challenges, they debated between hiring an agency or implementing a new tool. After Matvya and the team’s exposure to the high volume hiring features of Fountain Hire in a previous role, Centerfield decided to adopt the solution for their own recruiting processes.

“From the start, Fountain Hire was our main goal, and much of our [research] process was simply about validation” of that choice, said Matvya, highlighting how Fountain Hire’s functionalities resonated with Centerfield’s specific hiring needs.

A standout feature that solidified Fountain Hire’s place as the chosen solution was its integrated speed test— a functionality that was not available with other tools.

“Fountain Hire is the only tool we’ve found that offers an integrated speed test, which was a significant factor in our decision,” said Matvya.

Automation and customization lead to efficient processes

Before Fountain Hire, the Centerfield team was dealing with a cumbersome process where even initial contact with an applicant involved up to five manual steps. Thanks to automation, Fountain Hire transformed this into a single, swift action, which greatly enhanced efficiency.

This improvement not only applied to initial contact with candidates but also extended throughout the hiring funnel. With Fountain Hire, Centerfield was able to auto- mate tasks like the speed test and filtering by geography.

“A significant ‘a-ha’ moment for us was realizing how Fountain Hire automated and sifted through 23,000 applicants, resulting in only 2,600 qualifying applicants that our recruiters had to review, which drastically reduced our workload,” said McGee.

“We tried estimating what that looks like in the sense of recruiting resources,” said Matvya in response to McGee’s comment. “If you put 30 seconds to review each resume on each of the more than 20,000 resumes we no longer had to review, that comes out to an entire month’s worth of actual bandwidth from a recruiter, which is pretty crazy to think about.”

The Centerfield team used Fountain Hire’s knockout questions specific to each of their workflows, ensuring only the right candidates could continue in the process.

“Having a tool like Fountain Hire, with all of its capabilities, really helped us expedite our process,” said Matvya. “It makes all of our team’s lives easier.”

The implementation of Fountain Hire has not only stream- lined Centerfield’s processes but also has enabled the team to focus on strategic elements of recruitment.

“Fountain Hire effectively allows us to focus more on strategy, candidate experience, and process improve- ments, and allows our team to operate at a high level to meet our goals without the need for hiring additional team support,” said Matvya, emphasizing the impact Fountain Hire has had on operational efficiency.

Centerfield also saw improved candidate communication with Fountain Hire.

“Fountain Hire is like having an assistant who takes care of everything important, ensuring candidates receive the right communication at the right time,” said McGee.

With these functionalities, the Centerfield team has been able to reduce their average time-to-hire by 23.5% with- out sacrificing candidate quality.

Continued growth with a strong partner

As Centerfield continues to grow and expand, Fountain Hire’s role in their hiring process becomes ever more crucial. Fountain Hire has allowed the company to not only meet their immediate hiring needs but also achieve the scalability and flexibility required to adapt to their evolving requirements.

“That’s exactly why we implemented Fountain Hire— because of our growth,” said McGee. “From a numbers perspective, we have targets to hire 400 to 500 candidates by September, and Fountain Hire is helping us do that.”

With a focus on continuous improvement and leveraging Fountain Hire’s analytics and reporting, Centerfield is well-positioned to meet its future hiring goals while maintaining a high standard of quality and efficiency in its recruitment processes.

The Fountain Customer Success team also provides valuable insights to Centerfield and is helping the company look for ways to improve in the coming years.

“If you had to ask me one of the top things about Fountain that we cannot do without, it’s our Customer Success Manager,” said McGee. “Not only has she been able to help us through some of the execution in the system and the workflows, but one thing that I have found really valu- able is how she can help us think strategically about how we look at the bigger picture.”