Applicant Experience

Serve candidates from application to start date

Get qualified candidates to the right role in the right location faster.

Simplified application

Candidates can apply with one click on their mobile device, removing the hassle of multi-step, web-based applications.

24/7 Conversations

Save time and effort for both recruiters and candidates by concentrating on conversations with the most qualified applicants and allowing Fountain AI to handle the rest.

Candidate-focused experiences

An intuitive applicant user interface helps boost engagement, reduce applicant drop-off, and keep candidates moving through the hiring journey

Providing an easy and positive application experience makes all the difference in winning the race for hourly talent. As candidates win, you win.

Fountain is the global leader in high volume hiring, with automated solutions that enable companies to find and hire candidates faster. By simplifying the screening, interviewing and hiring experience, Fountain’s solutions keep applicants happy while ensuring organizations have pipelines full of hourly talent that are ready to work.