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Fountain enables companies to hire the right workers at scale through smart, fast, and seamless software.

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High Volume Sourcing

Comprehensive Hiring Solutions for Enterprise

Powerful Automation

Automatically screen candidates based on their skills and certifications, and set up interview scheduling and reminders.

Mobile-First Recruiting

From application to offer, Fountain’s mobile-first platform allows candidates and managers to progress the hiring process on the fly.

Data-Powered Insights

Location, region, and company-level dashboards provide real-time analytics to help you easily identify which markets require attention.

Efficient hiring starts with a conversation

Increase applicant volume

Instantly engage applicants through an embedded widget on your career site, saving time and effort for both recruiters and candidates.

Smarter conversations

Let Fountain AI collect important applicant information so you can focus on keeping candidates engaged with more personalized conversations.

Automated interview screening

Fountain AI schedules interviews with the most qualified applicants, allowing you to get the right candidates through the hiring process faster.

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