The State of Frontline Hiring: 2023 Annual Benchmarking Report

The frontline workforce has faced enormous volatility in recent years, with very few industries spared the wrath of a tumultuous labor market. The severity of these effects has varied among sectors, but we’ve compiled key insights to help predict the future of work and arm employers with strategies to improve their hiring processes.

In The State of Frontline Hiring: 2023 Annual Benchmarking Report, we dive deep into hiring data we’ve collected from key frontline industries, including:

  • Professional and Business Services (Call Centers)
  • Delivery Services
  • Food Services and Restaurants
  • Healthcare
  • Warehouse Operations and Logistics

Our report offers a microscopic level of insight into hiring data that reveals trends, changes, and challenges facing frontline recruiting teams today, such as:

  • Application rates and the importance of candidate engagement throughout the hiring process
  • Hire rates across industries and how they’re affected by seasonality and economic trends
  • How pay per hour impacts hiring trends
  • Key steps to improve conversion rates and empower employers to hire candidates faster

Download the report to gain a deeper understanding of the most important metrics impacting frontline hiring.

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