The Skills-based Hiring Shift

Why Recruiters Are Rethinking Application Requirements to Attract Quality Workers

What does it take for a worker to be successful? The answer likely isn’t found on a one-page document listing achievements and educational accolades. Yet some hourly jobs still ask applicants to submit resumes as part of the hiring process.

But requiring resumes actually hinders hiring. It slows the pace at which applicants move through the funnel, causes quality applicants to fall through the cracks, and even can result in applicants dropping out of the process altogether.

As a solution, recruiters are turning to skills-based hiring to increase their chances of hiring candidates whose potential transcends a bulleted list of achievements.

In our guide about this trending shift toward skills-based hiring, you’ll learn:

  • The limitations of mandating resumes for hourly jobs
  • The emerging trend of skills-based hiring strategies and their benefits
  • How your recruiting team can replace traditional application requirements with skills-based steps with the assistance of AI and an ATS designed for hourly workers

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