Modern Hiring Guide for Hardware Stores

Recruitment Strategies and Solutions for Today’s Workforce

About this E-book

Home and DIY projects have reached popularity heights as consumers have resumed (or started) home improvement projects post-pandemic. This has ramped up demands on hardware stores around the country—in 2021, for example, paint and wallpaper store sales surpassed $15 billion.

In order to attract workers to meet these demands and address the persistent issue of employee turnover, you need a customizable, automated, and candidate-friendly application experience that makes it easier for job seekers to apply and allows recruiters to move through applications quickly and effortlessly.

In our Modern Hiring Guide for Hardware Stores, we explore:

  • The current challenges faced by hardware stores today
  • Insights and solutions to help overcome these challenges and build sustainable growth
  • How to use a frontline workforce management system to attract, hire, and retain qualified candidates

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