Ignite Your Hiring Strategy: Time-to-Hire Benchmarking Report 2024

Time-to-hire stands as a vital indicator of your hiring process’s well-being, yet not all metrics are created equal. Each industry has unique hiring requirements, which makes it difficult to benchmark against generic external data. Whether in Healthcare or Fast Food, industry-specific challenges demand an agile approach and deep understanding of key metrics to meet hiring goals and attract high-quality talent.

Our report delves deep into time-to-hire metrics across key frontline industries, examining data collection, applicant messaging, interviews, background checks, and more. Discover why some employers outpace others in efficiency, offering a roadmap for streamlined hiring in 2024 and beyond featuring data from:

  • Professional and Business Services (Call Centers)
  • Delivery Services
  • Food Services and Restaurants
  • Healthcare
  • Warehouse Operations and Logistics

Explore nuanced perspectives and glean insights on how to navigate the evolving challenges faced by recruiting teams. Unlock actionable data to identify and address pain points, shaping a more efficient frontline hiring landscape.

Ready to transform your hiring processes? Download the report now to stay ahead of the trends for frontline recruiting in 2024.

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