How HR Digital Transformation Reduces High Volume Hiring Hurdles

High Volume Hiring Hurdles


Hourly workers are often the face of your organization. Whether in retail, hospitality, delivery, food services, etc., you want to make sure they are representing your company in the best possible way. HR digital transformation has allowed companies to improve their recruitment process to ensure they are attracting top talent who will best represent their organization, while simultaneously removing obstacles they had previously faced.

This past year has forced organizations to adapt to a digital environment, merely speeding up the inevitable. Join us for a pre-recorded webinar with Quaid Combstock, the Logistics Team Lead at LaundryHeap, to learn why accelerating your HR digital transformation process is imperative for the success of your organization’s hiring.

This webinar will deliver on the following concepts:

  • Why digital transformation of the hiring process is a priority for all organizations
  • How to optimize your HR recruiting operations
  • How LaundryHeap has embraced HR digital transformation, dramatically improving their operations

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