High Volume Recruiting in the “New Norm”


The advancements in recruiting & hiring technology in recent years has allowed talent acquisition teams to dramatically improve their processes and efficiencies. However, the majority of these developments have served corporate recruiting, even though hourly hires make up a much larger percentage of the workforce. The systems used for recruiting salaried workers shouldn’t be the same ones used for the high-volume hourly workforce, because they weren’t built to.

This webinar will cover some key changes businesses are already seeing, as well as the areas where talent needs to re-evaluate, re-assess and rejuvenate any broken processes to ensure maximum efficiency. Join the online session to better understand what the new normal of our current situation might look like and how to prepare your organizations to best source and hire hourly workers.

This webinar will deliver on the following concepts:

  • How to process the design elements to make hourly hiring work effortlessly
  • Understanding the tech stack needed for managing hourly hiring
  • Key challenges and mistakes made thus far and what we’ve learned from those
  • …and much more!

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