Everything You Need to Know About High Volume Hiring


High volume recruitment refers to the practice of filling a large number of positions in a short period of time. Beyond hourly and gig workers, the term also includes industries such as aerospace and defense, technology, and financial services. These companies must find quality talent while managing hundreds or even thousands of applicants. Unlike traditional corporate hiring, high volume hiring needs are extremely time sensitive so  success is based on speed. During the past year, high volume hiring intensified as many companies were forced to reduce time to fill from several weeks to several days.

During this webinar, we’ll look at the current state of high volume recruitment and the challenges and strategies that companies should consider. Speakers Madeline Laurano and Chad Sowash will discuss:

  • Challenges: What are the unique set of challenges companies face regarding high volume recruitment?
  • Applicant Drop-off: Where do most applicants drop off  and what can companies do to ensure greater conversion rates?
  • Market Trends: How do issues such as pay and vaccinations play a role in hiring for high volume roles today?
  • Strategies: What strategies should companies consider, from recruitment marketing to  onboarding?
  • Technology: What capabilities can help improve high volume recruitment?
  • Recommendations: What should companies consider as they plan for the future of their high volume recruitment needs?

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