Creative Recruiting with Fountain Text to Apply


We’re thrilled to share our newest feature, Fountain Text to Apply! Text to Apply is a mobile engagement solution that allows job seekers to text a keyword (ex: JOBS) to a shortcode to begin the application process directly from their mobile device of choice. It enables employers to build their talent pool and capture applicant data while providing an engaging candidate experience anytime, anywhere.

Join us on Wednesday, August 5th to hear from Tina Thayer, Fountain’s Director of Accounts, on the benefits of using Text to Apply for your high-volume recruiting.

This webinar will deliver on the following concepts:

  • How to attract talent and build your candidate pipeline
  • Innovative ways to promote job keywords and shortcodes
  • Best practices for using T2A within your own organization
  • See a live demo of the Text to Apply product

Watch Now

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