Marketing & Leadership Internship

Rent Sons helps people get any job done for an affordable rate. We desire to build community in all our local areas. If you share a passion for seeing people form bonds, serving others, and teamwork… then this may be right for you!

This internship is for someone who embodies the Rent Sons values and is highly interested in small business marketing. Interns should also be very personable and responsible. The Local Marketing Interns help the Community Manager with various sales, marketing, and leadership tasks.

Sales & Marketing Duties:

  • Generate customer leads and new business through offline community outreach

  • Get both repeat and new customers (Neighbors)

  • Network with local professionals

  • Lead local print marketing initiatives 

  • Recruit new contractors (Sons/Daughters)

Leadership/Small Business Operations Duties:

  • Cultivate good relations with Neighbors 

  • Provide new ideas and feedback to the Community Manager

  • Review every job worked and log notes for the Community Manager

  • Relaying Son Problems back to Slack on the #sonexperience channel

Requirements & Qualifications:

  • Knowledgeable or can become knowledgeable of all Rent Sons jobs

  • Great communicator

  • 18+ years old

  • Own a vehicle, smartphone, and laptop

How you’ll be supported:

  • Your Community Manager will show you the ropes and guide you through the internship

  • All print marketing material will be supplied for you

  • Facebook and Google ads will run in your area to help generate leads

  • You will have a budget for marketing events

  • You will have technology to make processes streamlined and simple

Compensation & Time Commitment:

  • Type of Work: Internship/Independent Contractor 

  • $12.50/hour, about 8 hours per week

Our Goals for You: At the end of this internship, we hope for you to show on your resume how you’ve contributed to growing revenue, gaining new customers, recruiting talent, networking with influential individuals, and leading a print marketing strategy.

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Interns must live in the Community where they are interning

Please verify all information prior to submitting.

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