Built for speed and scale.

Easily handle and manage your hiring process

Mobile ready

Your candidates are phone-first. Shouldn’t you be? Welcome them with mobile-optimized job pages, and engage them at every stage via automated SMS messaging.

Customize your criteria

Your needs are specific. Move priority candidates to the top of the queue with custom filters based on location, experience, or availability.

Automate your pipeline

Set up a custom workflow that mirrors your hiring process, and move applicants along based on their specific qualifications.

Automated scheduling

Set your team’s availability, and let top candidates immediately schedule their own interviews.

SMS capabilities

Automate communications to give your applicants immediate transparency in their progress.

Document signing

Send NDAs, offer letters, and any other documentation directly. We’ll even notify you when it’s signed.

Background checks

Connect to the leading providers to make sure your applicants meet your standards.

Video recordings

Put a face to a name. Capture video interviews based on the questions you ask.

Uncover insights

Use our robust analytics dashboard to gather hiring metrics, identify bottlenecks, and optimize candidate workflows.


We integrate the best features to enhance your experience and make it easy to implement Fountain into your hiring process.

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