Fountain's hiring platform allows you to turn your company's time-to-hire into a competitive advantage, not a bottleneck. Turn what took hours into minutes with these tools.
Screening - Drastically reduce your time to hire

Take the back and forth out of scheduling interviews. Our automated workflows can automatically move your hourly workforce through this resource intensive task so you can concentrate on more pressing matters.

Background Checks

Fountain's hiring platform will perform background checks on all consenting individuals looking to be hired. Once cleared each candidate will be advanced to the next step in your hiring process.

Document Signing

With one click tax documents, onboarding manuals, NDA's and any other document that your company needs authorization on can be sent off to your candidate pool to be electronically signed.

Data Collection

Complete flexibility in our system allows you to build forms and custom rule sets that are essential in your hiring process. Our validation system will scan for any irregularities to ensure your team is spending its time on the right candidates.

Training and On-boarding

Training documents and videos can be accompanied by a set of test questions to ensure your newly hired employees have a comprehensive understanding of the material provided.

SMS & Email

"Mobile friendly" doesn't do our platform justice. Fountain's Communication Dashboard is built to ensure you are reaching out to the right applicants at the most opportune time. Use SMS & Email triggers based on where an applicant is in your hiring process to encourage taking the next steps. It's even possible to have your applicants go through the entire screening process through SMS.