Fountain's hiring platform allows you to turn your company's time-to-hire into a competitive advantage, not a bottleneck. Turn what took hours into minutes with these tools.
Workflow conversions

A COO’s dream.

Track how long and how often applicants move stage-to-stage in your process. Filter by any data set you have. Gain insights, iterate, and continue to build the most efficient recruiting and screening process possible (maybe the greatest of all time!).

Cohort analysis

“How many days does it take to screen and hire an applicant?” “Have we been improving week over week?” “What about region-to-region?”

These are just some of the questions you can answer using OnboardIQ’s cohort analysis.

Timestamp exports

Identify the exact day and time an applicant was moved to each stage in your screening process. You can even use our API to automate this export to your external system/database.

Custom exports

Your data, your filters.

Create an export from the exact position, stage(s) and applicant fields to ensure you are able to gather useful data for your specific business needs.